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Disposer Cut Sheets Available for Customers and Consultants

Hammerall Disposer Company has spent over 45 years improving new generations of food waste disposers that fit the durability and performance needs of today’s commercial kitchens and restaurants. Our line of commercial-duty, hammermill designed, belt-driven under sink food waste disposers processes more types of waste faster, with fewer problems than any other disposer on the market today. Hammerall’s one-of-a-kind design eliminates all your food waste disposer headaches while delivering powerful, quick, efficient, high volume food waste disposal.


Precision Engineering in Every Disposer

All of our waste disposers are engineered with dependability, durability, and longevity as the foundation of their design.

Hammermill Dynamics

Hammeralls belt-driven grinding action allows the grinding hammers to strike food waste eight times more per second than any direct drive disposer.

Solid Steel Construction

The Hammerall disposal is built to last. It’s constructed of rugged steel plate material and welded forming a one-piece construction. The fabrication is then coated with a durable powder-coated baked-on finish.

Eliminates Plumbing Problems

Our food waste disposer’s unique stainless-steel grind screen only permits waste particles that are a quarter-inch or smaller to enter the drain.

Quiet Operation

The precision-balanced Hammermill shaft spins at 2000 RPM and is supported by two heavy-duty ball-type bearings made watertight using high-speed porcelain seals.

Legendary Durability

Hammerall disposers resist jamming and other serious damage that might occur if you accidentally drop flatware into the grind chamber. Flatware that falls into our competitors’ disposers will result in a jam.

hammerall disposer

Specifications for All Disposer Models

Click on the links below to view or download the cut sheets for our different models of disposers.*

Call for Further Information


When you need a dependable disposer. THINK HAMMERALL.

*You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Upon reviewing the specification cut sheets for each disposer models and the disposer control panels, you’ll realize the quality engineering and construction that goes into each of our products. For your peace of mind, every item comes with a one-year guarantee, and an extended warranty is also available. Call us today at 770-448-2540 if you have any questions regarding our disposers.

Relentless, Uncompromising, Unstoppable