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Customer Reviews

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April 1, 2002

Dear Ron Watson
Vice President, of Sales

Just a short note to thank you for the great service. Knowing you can still get from a company like Hammerall.

I have been in health care for many years and since Feb 1997 I have purchased two C-500 Cannibal Commercial Disposers.

The units were easy to install with little to no Maintenance, in the 5 years of all day everyday running my total repair costs have been under $225.00.

Once again you have a great disposer and a parts department that ships the same day. Thanks again and keep up the great job.

Al Havens, D.O.F.
Rio Pinar Health Care

April 23, 2002

Dear Ron:

Sometimes we don’t stop and say “Thanks” and I had not. Thanks, for the Hammerall disposal. A little mentioned tool in our industry, but what a neat item.

Our down time is non-existent. It just keeps on chugging away. Our maintenance staff likes it because there are no more service calls to fix a jammed disposal. It really works well. Thanks for your help, we like your product.

Martin Tulley
Director, Nutrition Services
DeKalb Medical Center

November 13, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in reference to the Cannibal Commercial Foodservice Disposer. I was a consistent and repeated customer of the direct drive disposer for 10 years. I saw the Cannibal at an equipment show 12 years ago and thought I would try it. It is the most efficient and cost effective disposer to operate I have ever had in my establishment. I have purchased two units (model 301) in the past 12 years, compared to replacing the direct drive disposers every two years. Job well done.

Michael Scheffer
Zeno’s Steakhouse & Motel

May 21, 2003

Hello Ron,
Hammerall makes the best *** disposer on the market! Probably the best kept secret in restaurant equipment. No more jammed disposers. Lasts twice as long as the good disposers you have been purchasing. Energy savings too. Of course there is a problem – don’t frustrate me! I keep trying to push their extreme ease of repair…but they never break! We actually forgot about the ones we were testing in…1994? 1995? Can’t remember. No magic – Hammerall stopped following the leader & built a better disposer. Purchase a side-discharge model & forget about it. Sound good?

Mark Baker
Chevys Facilities
Chevys Fresh Mex

September 22, 2003

I think the Hammerall disposer is the best disposer on the market. As a maintenance mechanic I appreciate the ease of repair for the disposer- The cannibal is belt driven. I have just rebuilt the unit in less than 2 hours time. This was the first time I had to do so and it should go easier next time. The unit is very quiet and I love this machine. There are very few parts to this machine and this as simple as it can get.

We are a dining service and our disposal runs about 8 hours a day 300 days a year. We have three total of the c-500 models and there is very little maintenance to them. Thank you for developing such a trustworthy product.

Roger Beck
Maintenance Mechanic 3
University Center Dining Halls
University Wisconsin Whitewater

January 30, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow this letter to covey the highest possible recommendation I can give for the Hammerall waste disposal.

Shortly after I became the Building Superintendent for Ansley Golf Club almost 28 years ago, I had the opportunity to replace the existing name-brand disposal. While I was researching the many different products available, I received a recommendation from a colleague about the disposals produced by the Hammerall Company and chose to have one installed in our Clubhouse.

Through the years, I have remained completely impressed with the performance of this unit. The previous name-brand disposal would constantly become clogged. The unit could not withstand the stress of the occasional stray scrap of plastic wrapper, straw or fork that might accidentally slip into the disposal and would shut down and become completely inoperable. It would have to be taken completely apart, cleaned, repaired and put back together. This caused an unacceptable amount of downtime.

The Hammerall unit is a complete 180° contrast in performance. It will chew up and spit out a stainless steel utensil and keep on rolling. Since I have begun to use the Hammerall in our facilities, I have not witnessed a single incidence of downtime due to the performance of the unit. On occasion I have had to replace the rubber neck that connects the Hammerall to the sink but overall, we have performed very little repair to this unit.

In 1998, Ansley Golf Club purchased Settindown Creek Golf Club and I took over the additional responsibility of the maintenance of this facility. In 1999, we began construction of a new Ansley Clubhouse. Knowing there was another brand of disposer in the Settindown kitchen that had been, and would continue to give us trouble, I immediately replaced it with the Hammerall from the old Ansley kitchen and purchased a brand new Hammerall for the new Clubhouse. I continue to have no problems with the old unit and the new unit is performing flawlessly.

In closing, I’ll just say I’m a true believer in this product. It is sad to say, but I have many occasions to condemn the design or performance of a product. It gives me great pleasure to actually be able to recommend a product without hesitance or reservation.

Ron Callaway
Building Superintendent
Ansley Golf Club

May 14, 2004

Dear Ron,
I don’t often write letters but I had to let you know how much I like your product.

Having been in the field for a number of years, I am familiar with several brands of disposers. Yours is by far the most dependable, durable and easiest to work on. So far we have had only one seal failure. That was a very common thing on the other brands.

I appreciate also the more durable housing. The others would be eroded by the food acids. Really like the belt drive too. It keeps the water out of the windings.

Thanks and keep up the good service on parts.

Bob Huprich
Senior Plumber
WellStar Kennestone Hospital

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