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Benefits of Owning A Hammerall Disposer

Hammerall Disposer Company keeps product quality, durability, dependability, and ease of installation a paramount concern when developing and engineering our designs. We started our business over 45 years ago, and our resolve to produce the best possible hammermill designed, belt-driven, commercial-duty, under-sink food waste disposer hasn’t changed. Part of that quality is in its efficiency, including energy and water usage. From the grind screen to the continuous run totally enclosed fan cooled motor, we always strive to keep our disposers the choice for dependability, durability, and longevity.

Relentless. Uncompromising. Unstoppable.

Thinking of buying a disposer? THINK HAMMERALL.


Energy & Water Savings

The energy and water savings of Hammerall Disposer Company’s equipment include:

TEFC Motors

Every model disposer we manufacture features a high-efficiency, parallel-mounted motor that’s TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled) and belt-driven (motor is mounted beside grinding chamber) which eliminates water seal failures that are common problems in other company’s direct-drive disposers (direct drive motor is mounted under the grinding chamber).

Energy Savings

The unique design of Hammerall’s grind action produces more torque and grinding power while delivering more hammer strikes on food waste. Our grind action uses less motor horsepower thus less energy giving you energy savings of up to 50% over our competitors' direct-drive disposers.

Water Savings

Our disposers feature built-in water flow control and fan-cooled motors. The source of water used to grind and dispose of waste can be your choice of fresh water, re-circulated water or a combination of both. Hammerall’s competitors use water-cooled motors in some models which eliminates your ability to use hot water while using their direct drive disposers. Hammerall’s disposers converge water with the uniquely-efficient grind action, so running it needs only three gallons of water minimum, which is half the amount needed by our competitors' disposers.

UL- or CSA-Listed Electrical Components

All of the electrical components are listed with the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or the CSA (Canadian Standards Association), which means they’ve been independently tested, and they’re certified to meet recognized electrical code standards for the component’s quality and performance.

chrome sink with disposer

Grease Traps

The stainless-steel, heavy-gauge solids interceptor built into our disposers makes processing mixed food waste straight into a grease trap or septic tank trouble-free. There’s no need to install any other solids interceptor equipment, so the self-contained unit will save you from unnecessary additional costs. Every Hammerall disposer model meets the international plumbing code for solid waste interception.

Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed

For your peace of mind, all Hammerall disposers come with a one-year warranty to ensure that your satisfaction is achieved with your purchase. Extended warranties are also available for customers who would like additional coverage. For questions about our warranties and products, give us a call today at 770-448-2540.

Relentless, Uncompromising, Unstoppable