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Better Power by Design

Hammerall’s unique belt-driven design produces more torque and grinding power using less horsepower and less energy.

Hammerall Disposer Company has over 45 years of manufacturing experience.

Hammerall disposers process more food waste in seconds than any other commercial disposer can process in minutes. The rugged steel fabrication, higher-efficient unique power source design, easy installation, and operation will exceed everyone’s expectations.

When it’s time to install a new disposer or replace your old one, think quality, durability, dependability, longevity and customer satisfaction.


large commercial sink in hospital kitchen

Technology that Surpasses the Competition

The effort put into developing our commercial-duty waste disposers has put us at the forefront of dependability and durability in the commercial kitchen equipment market. Hammerall Disposer Company’s products are made in the United States with an emphasis on durability and quality, making it the wise equipment investment.

Some of the features of our technology include:

Better Power by Design

Hammerall's unique belt-driven design produces more torque and grinding power using less horsepower and less energy.

The Pulverizing Dynamics

The hammermill grinding action occurs 20,000 times per minute using hardened steel pulverizing hammers that force waste through a stainless-steel grinding screen. The grinding screen has 638 individual 1/4" holes that grind waste to a quarter-inch or smaller where it is safely discharged and rinsed away.

Hardened Steel Internal Moving Parts

Our engineers hardened all of the critical internal steel components to ensure long-lasting durable performance.

The Grind Chamber

The grind chamber body is constructed of solid steel with a smooth powder-coated finish and hardened steel beater bars.

Hammerall Disposer Company keeps uses three words to describe the disposers we manufacture:

Relentless. Uncompromising. Unstoppable.


Call our customer service department to get assistance in ordering the right disposer and the right accessories for your particular disposer installation. It’s the right call.

Every disposer model comes standard with a one-year guarantee and extended warranties are available for enhanced assurance.

When you think, what’s the best Food Waste Disposer?


Relentless, Uncompromising, Unstoppable