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Hammerall Disposer Company: A USA Family Business for over 45 Years

Hammerall Disposer Company is the top-selling, heaviest-duty hammermill design under sink food waste disposer available. With the first model invented over 45 years ago, each Hammerall disposer is designed to run effortlessly and continuously without problems. Every model comes with a full one-year guarantee and an extended warranty is available for further coverage. All Hammerall Disposers are manufactured in the United States. In fact, we have our own R&D department and a full manufacturing factory located in Atlanta, Georgia. We carry a complete product line of accessories for each of our disposers.

When you need a durable disposer. THINK HAMMERALL

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Questions Answered About Hammerall Disposers

Did you know?
  • Do all under sink food waste disposers operate using COLD water? Answer: Yes, all disposers operate using cold water.
  • For sanitary cleanliness, our institutional food service uses only hot water in the food prep and food scrapping areas. The direct drive disposers can’t use hot water, and if you do, your warranty is void. Do you have any disposer models that are able to use only hot water? Answer: Yes, all of Hammeralls models are engineered and designed to use hot or cold water, the disposer works equally well using either and Hammeralls warranty remains fully intact when using hot or cold water.
  • I am a commercial kitchen design consultant, what specification should I write when specifying for a new food waste disposer? Answer: When specifying for a new food waste disposer installation package, use the following written specifications:
Written Specifications
Hammerall Disposer Company Model C-300

Meets these requirements: a belt-driven, 1.5 hp inverter duty rated, 3 hp grind rating, hammermill food waste grinder which, as manufactured, satisfies the International Plumbing Code requirements for a solids interceptor, without additional equipment.

Hammerall Disposer Company Model C-500

Meets these requirements: a belt-driven, 2 hp inverter duty rated, 5 hp grind rating, hammermill food waste grinder which, as manufactured, satisfies the International Plumbing Code requirements for a solids interceptor, without additional equipment.

Hammerall Disposer Company Model C-1000R

Meets these requirements: a belt-driven, 3 hp inverter duty rated, 10 hp grind rating, hammermill food waste grinder which, as manufactured, satisfies the International Plumbing Code requirements for a solids interceptor, without additional equipment.

Does Hammerall Perform Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repairs on Site?

Answer: No. Hammerall no longer performs any onsite service repair, however, Hammerall has a complete listing of authorized commercial kitchen service and repair companies listed on our website, click on the “authorized service centers” tab at the top of this page.

For the do-it-yourselfer, Hammerall disposers were originally engineered to be the only disposer that can be easily repaired by a qualified in-house service technician. For safety reasons, you will need to first TAG OUT/LOCKOUT the breaker supplying the power source to the disposer, then remove the disposer cabinet then remove the disposer’s drive belt before starting any repair. Each disposer model can be completely rebuilt in place in under two hours using a screwdriver (both flathead and philips), a ½” box wrench, ½” deep well socket wrench, 9/16” socket wrench, 1/8” allen wrench (older machines used 5/32 allen wrench), gear puller for a 4” pulley, small bottle of blue Loctite, and 1 tube of 100% clear silicone sealant. [Check out our VIDEO tab to see “how to install a rebuild kit”]

Are Any Hammerall Disposer Models Available in Single Phase Power? What About Three-Phase Power?

Answer: Yes, all. All Hammerall food disposer models are available in either single-phase or three-phase power when ordering simply specify which power source your foodservice site will require.

Does Hammerall Manufacture Any Direct Drive Disposers?

Answer: No. Given the constant customer dissatisfaction and problems with jamming and water seal breakdown leaking water into and ruining the motor, Hammerall does not manufacture direct drive disposers.

Why Is Hammeralls Hammermill Design Considered More Effective?

Answer: Our unique hammermill grinding chamber has ten to twelve (depending on the model) hammers spinning at 2000 RPMs causing the food waste to become pulverized 8 times faster than any direct drive disposer. To better understand the power of a Hammerall engineered disposer, check out our original “Classic Video” on the home page of this website.

Our University Direct Drive Disposer Prematurely Died, This Time We Are Going to Buy a Hammerall Disposer but Don’t Know If It Will Fit in the Same Space. How Can We Find Out?

Answer: We’re here to help. The best way is to call the factory at 770-448-2540 M-F 8:30 am to 5 pm EST. We have expert in-house assistance to help you determine all your installation requirements, it won’t take long & you’ll get it right the 1st time so your installation will go smoothly and without delay. Also, it’s important to know that we manufacture a disposer model that fits in the same space as your old disposer, no matter what brand you originally had. Shipments usually go out the same day!

We Have a Large High-Volume Seafood Restaurant, Will a Hammerall Disposer Work for Us?

Answer: The higher the volume the better for Hammerall. Hammerall food waste disposers are designed for both food prep and food waste at scrapping tables, our disposers grind all foods, bones, oyster shells, clamshells, fibrous fruits and vegetables like celery and carrots with ease. No other disposer can grind these types of items.

Our Current Disposer Uses a Wall Drain Not a Floor Drain. We Need to Replace Our Old Disposer and Want to Buy a Hammerall This Time. Do You Make a Unit That Works with a Wall Drain?

Answer: Yes. Hammerall manufactures each disposer model with (either) a wall (side) drain that easily attaches to your wall drain or bottom drains that easily attach to your existing floor drain. Just specify your requirement for a “side drain” or “floor drain” when placing your order or simply call us at 770-448-2540, we are here to help you get the right disposer and the correct accessories you will need the 1st time.

We Use a Preventative Maintenance Schedule in Our University and Want to Know If You Have Parts Kits That Keep Our Disposer Running Worry-Free?

For foodservice companies that use a preventative maintenance schedule for equipment, Hammerall carries a complete disposer “rebuild kit” that can be installed on a disposer while left in place in under two hours. Hammerall was engineered so you never need to disconnect the plumbing water supply or drain to install a new rebuild kit. For safety reasons, you will need to first TAG OUT/LOCKOUT the breaker supplying the power source to the disposer, then remove the disposer cabinet then remove the disposer’s drive belt before starting any repair.

We Have a Yacht and the Disposer Just Died. Does Hammerall Have a Disposer Model for Boats?

Answer: Yes, we do. All Hammerall Disposer models are engineered and designed for use on private yachts, commercial cruise ships, Navy ships, oil tankers, cargo ships and off-shore oil rigs (all Hammerall Disposers meet MARPOL requirements). Hammerall is the predominant foodservice disposer used in ocean vessels. Call us at 770-448-2540 and we will help you select the right disposer and accessories for your vessel then we will ship everything to you, no matter your port.

We Have an Extremely High-Volume Food Service Facility and Our Disposer Just Quit After Only 5 Months, Do You Carry a High Volume Food Service Waste Disposer?

Answer: Yes, Hammerall Disposer model line C-1000’s are commercial grade under sink food waste disposal systems intended for use in high volume food service locations like restaurants, cafeterias, nursing homes, retirement communities, universities, hospitals, aircraft carriers, correctional facilities and many other places where extremely high volume food service takes place. We are confident in saying Hammeralls C-1000 line of disposers will process your company’s food waste faster than any disposer equipment available anywhere. Call us at 770-448-2540 and we will help you with your specifications.

Can We Use a Disposer If We Have a Grease Trap?

Answer: Yes, you can use a Hammerall Disposer with a grease trap. Our disposers have been in grease trap locations since the beginning with-out problems, here’s why: The stainless-steel, heavy-gauge solids interceptor built into our disposers makes processing mixed food waste straight into a grease trap or septic tank trouble-free. There’s no need to install any other solids interceptor equipment, so the self-contained unit will save you from unnecessary additional costs. Every Hammerall disposer model meets the international plumbing code for solid waste interception.

We Are Ordering a Hammerall C-500 and Have a Control Panel from Our Previous Disposer of Another Brand. Do We Need to Get a New Control Panel?

Answer: Most direct-drive disposers get jammed all the time and their control panels have an auto-reversing feature that reverses the motor in an attempt to unlock the jam. In keeping your old control panel, you will need to know if your old panel has a reversing feature or not, if so, you will need to remove the auto-reversing contactor in the control panel, if this is not done properly, your old switches auto-reverse feature will void Hammeralls warranty and may ruin the motor. Also, overload protection will need to be installed in your old control panel if it does not already have it.

Hammerall disposers don’t get jammed so auto-reversing is not needed and overload protection comes standard in all Hammerall control panels. In most cases, it is better and safer to install a new Stainless Steel Hammerall control panel with your new Hammerall disposer. Since Hammerall is so durable, it’s the last disposer you will ever buy so you will probably want the proper control to go with it from the start.

Our Institutional Food Kitchen Has a Floor Drain Under the Sink and the Floor Is Not Level Where the Disposer Will Go. Can We Install a New Hammerall on This Unlevel Floor?

Answer: Yes, all Hammerall Disposers have 4 adjustable legs. Each leg adjusts up to 14 inches and locks into a mounting ring with locking set screws. Level your disposer above your disposers drain, then allow each leg to rest on the floor before tightening each of the legs locking set screws. Simple!

We Will Be Purchasing and Installing a New Disposer. Will We Need a Solenoid and a Vacuum Breaker Too?

Answer: Yes, most likely. Most, if not all municipalities now require a vacuum breaker and a solenoid valve if the equipment is using water. Check your local building and plumbing codes for specifics and information in your area.

Call Us for The Best in Belt Driven Disposers

Hammerall is the one-stop shop with everything you need to install a new disposer or replace your old disposer. Hammerall’s products will exceed your requirements and expectations. Call us today at 770-448-2540.

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